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Digital power supply
  • ABB Ability™-powered software
    ABB Ability™-powered software is helping providers monitor, control, and optimize electrical distribution systems, creating new Smart Grids with the responsive flexibility needed to integrate decentralized, renewable energy sources into the larger grid system.
  • HVDC Light® technology
    Our HVDC Light® technology provides up to 50% higher transmission capacity than DC transmission, making possible transcontinental grids and further enabling a global energy economy.
  • ABB’s power quality and storage solutions
    ABB’s power quality and storage solutions reduce energy costs and disturbances to maximize asset intensity, while reducing cost of ownership.
  • ABB Ability™-Electrical Distribution Control System
    The cloud-based ABB Ability™-Electrical Distribution Control System is an innovative solution for digitalizing low voltage distribution systems. Communications and monitoring modules integrated into low voltage devices provide precise real-time and archived performance and power consumption data, far in excess of that available from conventionally measured current, voltage, rated power and power consumption values. Furthermore, the same modules can be used to adjust various device parameter settings. This makes it very easy to gather and analyze data, as well as monitor and control your plant. Operating cost savings of as much as 30% can be achieved by applying these innovations.
Smart Manufacturing
  • ABB Ability™ Connected Services
    ABB Ability™ is a full portfolio of digital solutions for all industrial applications that draws on ABB’s profound sector knowledge and 40 years of expertise in the digital sector. From flexible robotics and drives to virtual commissioning and predictive maintenance solutions, ABB Ability™ is enabling quantum leaps in the planning, execution and management of manufacturing processes.
  • ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor
    The pocket-sized ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor provides cloud-enabled status analysis of electric motors to reduce unplanned downtime by 70%, extend motor lifetime up to 30% and improve energy efficiency up to 10%.
  • RobotStudio®
    RobotStudio® provides the tools to increase the profitability of your robot system by letting you perform tasks such as training, programming, and optimization without disturbing production.
  • SafeMove2
    First introduced in 2008, SafeMove performs safety certified monitoring of robot motion, tool and standstill supervision as well as speed limitation. SafeMove2 provides greater flexibility, space savings and cutting edge commissioning tools for greater productivity at a lower total cost of investment. All this, combined with unsurpassed safety, enables closer collaboration between robots and factory workers.
  • zenon
    The operations data management software zenon increases your knowledge of your operations’ performance by serving as an easy, intuitive reporting interface for integrated processes.
Sustainable Mobility
  • Connected Services
    Global Connected Services for 24/7 monitoring, remote control, predictive maintenance, and certified service worldwide.
  • eBus Charging
    Modular eBus solutions that enable sustainable transportation systems to run smoothly, by charging an eBus’s batteries in 15 seconds as it stops for passengers.
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
    A +5000-unit e-vehicle fast-charger network across 50 countries, accounting for a 2.6-million-ton reduction in annual CO2 emissions – equivalent to up to 10 million typical passenger vehicles.
  • EV Charging
    A High-Power charger capable of recharging an electric vehicle in only 12 minutes for a range of more than 300 kilometers.
  • Marine Fleet Management
    E-mobility solutions for marine applications that reduce emissions in ports by 98%, and can cut a ferry’s overall emissions by 50%.
Working at ABB
  • Careers at ABB
    At ABB, progress starts with you. We offer opportunities for you to realize your pioneering potential in more than 100 countries. To start your career on the frontline of the digital-industrial revolution, start with ABB.
    Process control and automation
    • ABB Ability™ collaborative operations
      By drawing on the Industrial Internet of Things, ABB Ability™ collaborative operations help you to continually monitor and optimize your processes.
    • ABB Ability™-System 800xA
      Control systems such as ABB Ability™ system 800xA enable centralized control and fully integrated automation of a wide selection of industrial processes.
    • Field Information Manager
      ABB Ability™ software solutions such as Field Information Manager and Intelligent Projects mean devices can be configured 50% faster while OPEX and CAPEX are reduced up to 20%.
    Food & Beverage
    • Food & Beverage portfolio
      ABB Ability™ digital solutions give food and beverage producers the flexibility to rapidly adapt to consumer demand and manage shorter and more complex production cycles in a cost-efficient manner.
    • Food Safety
      Digitally enabled safety systems protect workers across your factory, while fully automated tracking-and-tracing systems help ensure compliance with complicated regulation.